Data Science for Social Justice

Small-Town Police Accountability: Challenges and Recommendations
Claire Kelling, Anna Haensch, Ariana Mendible, Spencer Brooks, Alex Wiedemann, Manuchehr Aminian, Wade Hasty, and Jude Higdon
SocArxiv (2023)

Data science and social justice in the mathematics community
Quindel Jones, Andrés R. Vindas Meléndez, Ariana Mendible, Manuchehr Aminian, Heather Z. Brooks, Nathan Alexander, Carrie Diaz Eaton, Philip Chodrow, and PSC
Notices of the American Mathematical Society (2023)

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Reduced-Order Modeling

Spatiotemporal dynamical systems are ubiquitous across all areas of science and engineering. While some systems of interest can be studied through first-principles governing equations, often, the underlying dynamics are unknown. Furthermore, even for problems where equations are known, analytical solutions are rare. Computational solutions are then plagued by issues of nonlinearity, multiple relevant scales of time and space, chaos, and high-dimensionality. When parametric studies are needed, these simulations become prohibitively expensive, even under the most advance computational architectures.

Data-driven modeling of rotating detonation waves
Ariana Mendible, James Koch, Henning Lange, Steven L. Brunton, and and J. Nathan Kutz
Physical Review Fluids (2021)

Data-driven modeling of two-dimensional detonation wave fronts
Ariana Mendible, Weston Lowrie, Steven L. Brunton, and J. Nathan Kutz
Wave Motion (2022)

Dimensionality reduction and reduced-order modeling for traveling wave physics
Ariana Mendible, Steven L. Brunton, Aleksandr Y. Aravkin, and Wes Lowrie & J. Nathan Kutz
Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics (2020)

Randomized nonnegative matrix factorization
N. Benjamin Erichson, Ariana Mendible, Sophie Wihlborn, and J. Nathan Kutz
Pattern Recognition Letters (2018)

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Other Work

Air flow hour meter
Ariana Mendible, Samuel A. Heard, Thanh D. Tran, and Andrew D. Hardesty
US Patent No US10713858B2 (2020)

Reduced strain mechanochemical activation onset in microstructured materials
Johanna J Schwartz, Reza Behrou, Bo Cao, Morgan Bassford, Ariana Mendible, Courtney Shaeffer, Andrew J Boydston, and Nicholas Boechler
Polymer Chemistry (2020)

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